Our pig cut list December 2017

Just a quick update with a list of what we decided to do with our with our whole hog.  More updates to come soon!


Head: Kept to make head cheese.

Tongue, Jowls, Neck, Backbone: Kept to make sauces or to braise.

Offal, Lard, Soup Bones: Kept.

Shoulder: Cut as roasts (Boston Butt boneless roast and picnic shoulder roast).  Cut off some of one side as country-style ribs.

Loin: Kept one crown rib roast and cut the rest as pork chops one inch thick and frozen in packages 3 chops to a package.

Ham: Cut one fresh ham in half.  Cured another ham and center-cut for ham steaks.

Belly: Kept one fresh pork belly cut in half for roasts.  Cured and cut the other as bacon sliced and packaged in 1 pound packages.