Our Products

We sell pasture-raised, heritage Old Spot pork and pasture-raised broiler chicken at several farmers markets throughout the year.  We use locally-sourced, non-GMO feed that contains no corn and no soy and we “harvest” the animals humanely and with reputable local butchers. See here for more information on how we raise meat animals naturally and humanely on pasture. You can find us at several farmers markets throughout the season or order in bulk to receive a discount.

Farmers Markets and CSA Pickups

In 2019 we are scheduled at least once a month at the following markets:

Albany Farmers’ Market SW Ellsworth St. & 4th Ave., Albany, OR

Newberg Farmers Market N Howard St. & E 1st St., Newberg, OR

Portland Farmers Market - Shemanski Park 1010 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR

West Linn Summer Street Market 14th St. & Willamette Falls Dr., West Linn, OR

To find out what days to find us at specific markets or to check when and where to pick up your CSA share, click here.

CSA Subscriptions

Our subscriptions are closed for 2019. Sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when you can subscribe for 2020. 

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program helps us plan out our production to provide you with pasture-raised meat throughout the year. Planning ahead helps us save time and money and, in turn, we can provide you meat at a discount to our farmers market prices.

New in 2020: Pasture-Raised Meat CSA

In 2020 we will offer a CSA subscription of approximately 10 pounds of mixed chicken, pork, and — as it becomes available — lamb. This is a great way to get pasture-raised meat every month at a discount to our market prices, without filling up your freezer. You will receive whole chickens and a variety of pork and lamb cuts from the whole animal. To the best of our ability, you will receive seasonally-appropriate cuts of meat: more cuts for grilling and smoking in the summer, and cuts for stewing and roasting in the winter. CSA members will occasionally get free “extras” such as soup bones and organ meats, as and when we are able to provide them.

What about beef? When we moved to the farm a few years ago, the fields were bare dirt. With the natural fertilizer of chicken manure from our chickens and the weed-whacking (and -eating) potential of pigs, we now have enough grass to support a herd of sheep. We absolutely plan to add cows in the future, but we won’t do so until we can be sure that we have enough grass throughout the year to raise healthy, happy, grass-fed cows.

Pasture-Raised Chicken CSA

We will continue to offer our standalone monthly chicken subscription in 2020. The chicken CSA is one chicken a month per subscription, cleaned, dressed, shrink-bagged, and frozen. For a slight extra cost we can have the chicken cut in half and the halves packaged separately. We store chicken for you in our freezers so you don’t have to fill yours.

Free Range Eggs

We do not do an egg CSA, but CSA subscribers can reserve eggs as an add-on to their monthly subscription.

Bulk Pork Shares

If you have the freezer space, the best way to get pasture-raised pork from us is to reserve a half pig share. 

Bulk pork shares typically finish in approximately September. If you would like a smaller pig earlier in the season, let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

A half pig share is half of a pig. Expect 3 or 4 paper grocery bags full of meat, depending on your custom cut choices. We’ll do our best to get you heads, tails, and offal if you want them; you get half of everything else. We raise the pig and deliver it to the butcher for you. Your half pig share is custom cut by an experienced butcher, safely wrapped, and frozen. Ordering a half hog share from us provides you a significant discount compared with buying the same cuts of pork at our retail prices or through a CSA. Simply processing pork for resale costs us almost twice as much (or more) than it costs you to talk to the butcher directly and get them to custom cut your half pig share. There are other savings as well and we can pass those on to you in the form of a substantial discount.

Our bulk pork price is $4.50 per pound of hanging weight. We target 100 pound halves but the final result depends on the pigs. You pay our state-licensed butcher to custom cut your half hog to your specifications.  We have been taking pigs to Mount Angel Meats in Mount Angel, Oregon. The prices for custom cutting and wrapping pork are approximately $1.25 per pound including making bacon, ham, and sausage. For a more detailed breakdown of butcher costs, see their website. We will provide a detailed explanation of custom butchering possibilities and will gladly schedule a phone call with you prior to processing day so that we can answer any questions you have about cuts and the process.   

If you plan to pair up with a friend and share a half pig among yourselves, check out our blog entry on sample pork cut plans for a detailed PDF on how to get a half pig cut so you can more easily share it.

How much meat is half a pig?

A half pig weighs approximately 100 pounds "hanging" in the cooler after being cleaned of inedible parts.  Some pork halves may be larger or smaller.  Our price per pound is based on this hanging weight.

After cutting the half to your specifications and curing hams and bacon, a 100 pound half will yield approximately 60 pounds of standard cuts of pork.  There are also trimmed fat (make lard), bones (make stock), offal (delicious and nutritious), and other edible parts which are not standard cuts but you are welcome to keep. You really can eat “nose to tail” although you will probably need more than one pig tail for any standard pig tail recipe. 

An example of what comes from half a pig

What kinds of cuts are in a half a pig?  See our blog post for some ideas.  The standard cuts from front to back (all weights are approximate):

Boston Shoulder/Butt: 8 pounds.  Roasts, steaks, shoulder bacon, or grind.
Picnic Shoulder: 10 pounds.  Roasts, steaks, stew meat, or grind.
Loin: 14 pounds.  Pork chops, back ribs, tenderloin, country ribs, loin roast. 
Side: 10 pounds.  Bacon, spare ribs, pork belly roasts.
Ham: 13 pounds.  Cured ham, ham steaks, fresh ham, or grind.  

Note that you will always receive several pounds of ground pork or sausage as a result of the butchering process.  (In the example above you would get about 5 pounds of sausage.) As cuts are trimmed to size, the trimmed meat goes into sausage.  You can always ask the butcher to make more sausage by grinding more. 

We can help you customize your order before you send it to the butcher.  You can order non-standard cuts which are difficult to find in stores.  Consider double-thickness pork chops, pork belly roasts, bone-in loin roasts, shoulder bacon, jowl bacon...

Estimated total cost (for a 100 pound half pig)

At our 2019 price of $4.50 per pound hanging weight and assuming another $125 in butcher costs including making sausage and curing bacon and ham, the estimated total cost of a 100 pound hanging weight half pig would be approximately $575, or about $9.50 per pound if you get 60 pounds of meat from the half.  If you eat “nose to tail” and render lard from the fat, make soup stock from the bones, and so on, the cost is below $8.00 per pound.

So far as we know it is only possible to get pork of this quality directly from a farm like ours that raises pigs on pasture. By ordering a custom cut half pig share you get a huge savings on the total cost of pork compared with what you would pay at our retail prices.